when the universe was still young

UDF Skywalker V1.0 is a web-app that allows you to scan the Ultra Deep Field Image taken by the Hubble space telescope. The individual images have been combined into a seamless whole withiin the application.

A bit of background on the UDF:

The Ultra Deep Field obtained by the Hubble Space Telescope is the deepest view into the sky by humankind to date. This image combines 800 frames with a total exposure time of 1 million seconds. The 10.000 galaxies that are visible have distances out to times where the universe was just 800 million years old, one seventeenth of its current age.

Now, that’s interesting. That’s 800 million times more interesting than the bullshit they go over on the evening news every night.

Just a tiny segment of the UDF

Just a tiny piece of the UDF


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