“I’m from Earth dogtag,” OR “Pioneer plaque ripoff for vulgar profit”

stupid dogtag for retarded aliens
Note ethnocentricity. Definitely conceived in America

Basically junk, but kinda funny. The header of the site selling these “I’m from Earth” dogtags reads:

Need a weird Christmas gift for your space, alien, or UFO lovers?

I can see the value in something like this, perhaps in inducing people to cultivate a little humility and stop thinking the center of the universe is in the collective human hiney, but otherwise…well, I’m pretty sure it’s not gonna get used. Although if the aliens really are backward enough to fly umpteen light years, at mind-boggling energy expenditure, just to probe our keesters for the center of the universe therein, then they might just be retarded enough to lose their way, and really need to consult the pulsar bearings on the dog tag.

Heavy. Rip off the Pioneer plaque, and try to sell it to internet UFO geeks. Kinda cheapens the whole “goofin’ whillikers, let’s reach out to our cosmic brethren, if any” sentiment. Not that I necessarily approve of such starry-eyed nonsense.

Oh, yeah, I forgot to give you the address. Damn, where did I put that…?

You’ll get no addy from me. I resent viral marketing.



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