Find that rhyme

Need a rhyme? Can’t thick of what rhymes with “Nantucket,” or “Venus?” This online rhyming dictionary will help you out. Just enter your word, select the specific kind of rhyme you’re looking for (e.g., end rhymes, beginning rhymes, etc.) and click the button.



1 Response to “Find that rhyme”

  1. May 19, 2008 at 8:39 pm

    The trouble with all these online dictionaries is that they either find rhymes that are either way to vague or way to ‘perfect’. When writing song or poetry lyrics you really need all the vowel sounds of the words to be the same, but the words will still rhyme if the middle consonants don’t rhyme.

    One of the best rhyme dictionaries you can get can be found at http://www.rhymetimerapskills.com

    It’s designed for rappers and emcee’s, but can be used for other things to.

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