Random Story Title Generator

Random Story Title Generator

I love stuff like this. I think it’s because each title is a potentiality, of sorts; that is, an artifically generated title which could be transformed into anything from a scintillating short-short story to an epic novel.

Here are some titles from the generator that caught my eye, with suggested applications of my own.

“The Dream of the End” (apocalyptic vision)
“Forgotten Years” (Psychological Thriller)
“The Winter of the Nobody” (artsy, existentialist, kafkaesque)
“The Sucking Nothing” (Lovecraftian horror)
“Broken Men” (futility of war odyssey)
“Game of Lights” (rags to riches and subsequent disintegration of self)


1 Response to “Random Story Title Generator”

  1. 1 stylembe
    September 19, 2010 at 8:43 pm

    I always get visits to my ‘Rebecca Uchill’s Random Exhibition Title Generator’ from this ‘random story title generator’ post. Thanks Bonk Bonk.

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