Update on Enzyte

The biggest irony here is that despite all that has purportedly transpired, as detailed below, the Enzyte “male enhancement” infomercials are still running on late-night TV here in the U.S. The shitbag shysters must be trying to raise money to pay the $100 million scam-judgement against them.

Only in America.


February 29, 2008

Jury Forfeits $33 Million Assets Of Execs Convicted In Enzyte Scam

Windsor Genova – AHN News Writer

Cincinnati, OH (AHN) – A U.S. District Court jury has ordered the forfeiture of over $33 million worth of assets of four people convicted for duping hundreds of customers into buying a herbal dietary supplement that purportedly enlarges the male organ.

Ordered to pay the estimated proceeds from their conspiracy, fraud and money laundering crimes were Steven E. Warshak, 42, president and owner of Berkeley Premium Nutraceuticals and TCI Media Inc.; his mother, Harriet, 75; Paul J. Kellogg, 41, in-house lawyer of Berkeley; and Steven P. Pugh, 38, a warehouse manager of Berkeley.

The jury convicted the four on Feb. 22 after finding them guilty of illegally earning millions of dollars from the sale of Enzyte over a five-year period. According to a press statement of the Justice Department, the four shipped the dietary supplements to customers who did not order the product, billed customers through their credit cards without authorization, misrepresented their business activities to their customers and the merchant banks they worked with, and laundered their earnings through personal bank and investment accounts.

The jury also found that Berkeley Premium Nutraceuticals and TCI Media posted false advertising on Enzyte and money-back guarantees as well as prevented customers from canceling orders and getting refunds.

Aside from the $33 million restitution, the four executives are facing a monetary judgment of $100 million in their final sentence.


Update: All four of the aformentioned Enzyte executives are now serving jail sentences, while Enzyte’s production facilities were acquired December of 2008 by a third party, who continues to manufacture and advertise this worthless product. Wikipedia writes:

The conviction threw the company into bankruptcy. In December 2008 the assets were acquired from bankruptcy court for $2.75 million by Pristine Bay, affiliated with Cincinnati developer Chuck Kubicki who said he wanted to keep the company’s 200 employees in one of his property buildings in suburban Cincinnati at Forest Park, Ohio. Pristine Bay LLC has the same mailing address as Kubicki’s Cincinnati United Contractors. Pristine Bay’s statutory agent, Chance Truemper, is a property-development coordinator for CUC. Kubiciki said he would change the company name but would keep the brand.


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  1. 1 Willie Zukosky
    November 21, 2008 at 2:04 pm

    Awww, I liked those smilin’ Bob commercials……

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