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Google Moon

In case you’ve never checked out Google Moon or don’t even know about it, it’s a lot of fun if that sort of thing interests you. To me, this little world in a gravitational dance with the Earth, about which so much is still not known, is a mysterious and fascinating place, and perusing its surface via Google Earth is almost addictive.

Here’s a site with extensive lists of named lunar features, which you may utilize in Google Moon to explore the surface of our satellite.


The Ads of the Future

Writing about “Wise Girl Malthusian Lozenges” and “Nice Girl Cola,” in my last post, reminded me of a concept blog I started a while ago, that I put on a back burner. It was to be written in the “Gonzo” style, as if it were from some manner of overburdened, overpopulated future. I even made up a bunch of mock future ads for it, some of which I share with you, now. Use ’em if you like. I’d ask for a link back, but that’s probably not gonna happen; c’est la vie.

DrugworldSoylent Grillers are PEOPLE!Just dial SUI…In the future, Toyota will be forced to diversify…Are you a nice girl?Try Googling “Vuarnet” and “Solar Temple”


Ten Tips for Blogging, Bonk-Bonk Style

This post could be alternatively titled, “Hunter Thompson would just shit razor blades…”

The phenomenon of internet blogging seems to have ushered in the era of “Top Ten Whatever,” i.e., ranked lists of things. You can find lists of almost anything out there in the static-filled depths of cyberspace, including lists of lists, and even blogs devoted to nothing but lists, or lists of lists.

The top-ten list isn’t a new phenomenon, but on the Web it has “come of age.” Something like a fine, ripe piece of Limburger.

“Beware the list!” says I, holding you with my glittering eye. For therein lies a stench, like the dead albatross hanging off the neck of the Ancient Mariner. Read those lists and repeat them enough, and you’ll start to believe what you read, and you’ll carry the stench of illusion and ignorance wherever you go.

One variety of list(s) which has circulated through umpteen blogs, whose authors would aspire to odious conformity and sell same to us, is the homegrown list of “top ten blogging tips.” Having read a lot of these lists, I find most of them trite, misguided, and quite simply bullshit. (They’re all more or less composed in the same spirit of catering to the unwashed masses/dumbing down to which the American news media has subscribed).

Here, I take on one of these “Top Ten Blogging Tips” lists that is more or less representative of the collective, and rewrite it to my specifications.

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Is Comcast EVIL?

I got an e-mail with a video link from Tim Carr, campaign director at this morning.

We just caught Comcast Corp. stacking an FCC hearing with paid (and apparently sleepy) seat-fillers.

The hearing was set up to investigate Comcast’s recent blocking of the Internet. But Comcast packed the room so that the public couldn’t get in to voice their support for Net Neutrality.

We took pictures and recorded an interview that proves Comcast was taking seats from concerned citizens. Now, we need you to make sure that the company doesn’t get away with this ever again.


World’s tallest virtual-building

Man, I love stuff like this. All the intricate, impossible, comedic elements, soaring into that static-filled cybersky.

See the mammoth construct in its entirety over at

World’s Tallest Virtual Building


One Google Gadget I hope we’ll never see

More at the New Idea Homepage

Starman Jones rejects this technology

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