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There’s gold under them thar’ arches

Kitchen grease fuels a wave of fry crooks

Used cooking oil is stolen from restaurants to brew biodiesel


The biodiesel boom is turning into an unanticipated boon for a far-from-green portion of the population — petty thieves, who are trading in the used cooking oil.

Cooking oil rustling is such a problem that the owners of the Olympia Pizza and Pasta Restaurant in Arlington are considering using a surveillance camera to keep watch on its 50-gallon grease barrel.

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PSAS: Persistent Sexual Arousal Syndrome


PSAS Persistent Sexual Arousal Syndrome

One Big Climax
Michelle Thompson

Michelle Thompson’s life is one big climax – for a rare condition called Persistent Sexual Arousal Syndrome (PSAS) means she has up to 300 orgasms a day. This does not mean she has a high sex drive, probably the opposite, she wants the arousal to stop. It has its down-sides, finding a partner who can cope with such sexual demands can be difficult.

The cause of PSAS has not yet been established. But it must be something in the part of the brain called the limbic system which controls pleasure and sexual function. Although there is no cure, psychological treatments can help modify the symptoms and enable sufferers and their partners to cope.

It is not related to hypersexuality, sometimes known as nymphomania or satyriasis. A number of women have reported these symptoms after they stop taking antidepressants known as selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors….

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The Ads of the Future

Writing about “Wise Girl Malthusian Lozenges” and “Nice Girl Cola,” in my last post, reminded me of a concept blog I started a while ago, that I put on a back burner. It was to be written in the “Gonzo” style, as if it were from some manner of overburdened, overpopulated future. I even made up a bunch of mock future ads for it, some of which I share with you, now. Use ’em if you like. I’d ask for a link back, but that’s probably not gonna happen; c’est la vie.

DrugworldSoylent Grillers are PEOPLE!Just dial SUI…In the future, Toyota will be forced to diversify…Are you a nice girl?Try Googling “Vuarnet” and “Solar Temple”


The “Red Square”

The Red Square

This image announces a new arrival in the pantheon of exotically beautiful celestial objects. We have christened this startlingly symmetrical nebula “The Red Square” for its color and form, and also in recognition of its close cousin – the celebrated Red Rectangle nebula.

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Ten Real Life “Superheroes”

I put the scare quotes around superheroes because, imho, in order to deserve that title, you’re particular talent should enable you to save civilization, or at very least, an entire city (a la The Tick) from certain destruction.

Take the “Eye Popping Man,” for example. While his talent is mildly interesting, if grotesque, it hardly qualifies him for superhero status.

The Eye-Popping Man

While a few of the other “superheroes” have talents which, if applied in a certain fashion, might enable them to fight crime in some manner, for the most part it’s all parlor tricks, compared to Superman or Green Lantern, etc.



the strangest video on the internet?

It’s pretty strange, alright. Definite Python influences in there. Also some imagery that certain individuals might find disturbing/distasteful.

The music is grating, so you might want to turn your sound down/off.