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Bill Joy: “Why the Future Doesn’t Need Us”


Google Moon

In case you’ve never checked out Google Moon or don’t even know about it, it’s a lot of fun if that sort of thing interests you. To me, this little world in a gravitational dance with the Earth, about which so much is still not known, is a mysterious and fascinating place, and perusing its surface via Google Earth is almost addictive.

Here’s a site with extensive lists of named lunar features, which you may utilize in Google Moon to explore the surface of our satellite.


farmer in the sky

Farmer in the SkyRobert Heinlein’s Farmer in the Sky this isn’t. Nevertheless, Heinlein would have been fascinated with the concept in the linked article, below. Heinlein was big on comestibles in his books, whether it was “syntho-steaks” or “yeast chops” or “Wise Girl Malthusian Lozenges.” And over two decades after his passing, a number of products are approaching what could be called syntho steaks; “Quorn” is pretty close to yeast chops, and the Malthusian lozenges*…well, that’s an old story, by now.

In this real future, however, Johnny Appleseed won’t be aboard Spaceship Bifrost, bound for a terraformed Ganymede. He’ll be out there on the Las Vegas skyline.

The Future of Farming: Reaching for the Sky (and down in the basement)

When you think of a farm your mind may invoke images of rolling fields, tractors and perhaps a cow or two. But in the future – not so! Farms are movin’ from the country and into your nearest metropolis faster than you might think…

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*A contraceptive lozenge, mentioned in Stranger in a Strange Land. I read the book many years ago, and for whatever reason, I had in my mind transformed/confabulated these “Wise Girl Malthusian lozenges” into a non-existent product called “Nice Girl Cola.” This only became clear to me when I began a fruitless web-search for “Nice Girl Cola,” which led me to the Malthusian lozenges.

Kinda catchy, though, isn’t it? Nice Girl Cola. I like the ring of that. 🙂


The Domino Effect – with 1500 X-Box Hard Drives


Is Comcast EVIL?

I got an e-mail with a video link from Tim Carr, campaign director at this morning.

We just caught Comcast Corp. stacking an FCC hearing with paid (and apparently sleepy) seat-fillers.

The hearing was set up to investigate Comcast’s recent blocking of the Internet. But Comcast packed the room so that the public couldn’t get in to voice their support for Net Neutrality.

We took pictures and recorded an interview that proves Comcast was taking seats from concerned citizens. Now, we need you to make sure that the company doesn’t get away with this ever again.


One Google Gadget I hope we’ll never see

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Starman Jones rejects this technology


when the universe was still young

UDF Skywalker V1.0 is a web-app that allows you to scan the Ultra Deep Field Image taken by the Hubble space telescope. The individual images have been combined into a seamless whole withiin the application.

A bit of background on the UDF:

The Ultra Deep Field obtained by the Hubble Space Telescope is the deepest view into the sky by humankind to date. This image combines 800 frames with a total exposure time of 1 million seconds. The 10.000 galaxies that are visible have distances out to times where the universe was just 800 million years old, one seventeenth of its current age.

Now, that’s interesting. That’s 800 million times more interesting than the bullshit they go over on the evening news every night.

Just a tiny segment of the UDF

Just a tiny piece of the UDF